Ecuador Comparative Ecology and Conservation


My name is Grant Traynor, and I am currently a student at Whitman College. I am heading into my Junior year, and I am very excited to start this blog for my study abroad trip. I am going to be studying in Quito, Ecuador for 5 months this fall. The program I am going with is SIT Ecuador: Comparative Ecology and Conservation. The program involves a homestay in Quito and has many exciting field-study trips. I will be going to the Páramo Highlands, the Cloud Forest, the Ecuadorian Amazon, and the Gálapagos Islands. I will be studying Environmental Research Methods and Ethics, Spanish for the Natural Sciences, Comparative Tropical Ecology, and Conservation and Sustainability Practices in Ecuador. I have been working this summer to get my travel documents and medications sorted out, to save money, and to learn more Spanish through Willow Public School. I will publish more information about the trip as it gets closer. You can also find more information here about the classes and excursions that make up the program.





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